Who is Piero Armenti

My name is Piero Armenti. I was born in 1979, and I am an entrepreneur, writer, and urban explorer in New York. Echoing the words of Vanity Fair, I am “someone who, through walking, wandering, and getting to know, knows everything, even things that are not always seen.” But not only that. I am also a professional journalist. In my career, I have written extensively for various newspapers and magazines, such as Panorama, in addition to books on Venezuela (like this one).

An article they wrote about me, which I love very much: this on Corriere della Sera.

Before moving to New York, indeed, I lived for five years in Venezuela, in Caracas. In love with Salsa, Rum, and Caribbean madness. Then I traveled through Latin America.

In 2008, I returned to Italy to pursue a doctorate at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”. .

In 2011, I moved to New York and it was immediately love for this incredible city. . I was struck by it. I started telling the metropolis on social networks and in newspapers and magazines with a good following. It was in 2014 that I decided to found the tour operator “My Trip to New York. But first, I had to pass the difficult competition (over 20 books to prepare) to obtain the tourist license in the Big Apple. I was one of the few Italians to make it.

In 2019, I published a guide on New York here

In 2020 I published my first novel for Mondadori: Una notte ho sognato New York. In this book, I tell the story of a young man who leaves a small village in Southern Italy to pursue his dreams in New York. Available on Amazon, Feltrinelli, and in all bookstores.

In 2020 I published my second novel for Mondadori: Se Ami New York,where the protagonist must choose between love and success.

In 2023 I published the first fictional guide to New York for Mondadori: New York Metro per Metro .You can get to know the Big Apple starting from any metro stop.

My Trip to New York

Today “My trip to New York” is the number 1 Italian agency in New York with headquarters in Times Square (324W 47th). We offer unique tours, activities and experiences in the Big Apple to make known the true soul of this metropolis. We have designed the tour of panoramic terraces, the nightclub tour, the tour of the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn, etc. All are designed to save time, money, and additionally, to have the convenience of an Italian-speaking guide.

But “My trip to New York” is also a Facebook page with over 3 million followers. Every day I go in search of the city’s secrets and tell them to Italians. On average, my videos on Facebook get over 25 million views per month.

Also on Facebook, I opened the My Trip to New York Fan Club group which currently has over 120,000 members. A very close-knit community dedicated to all those who love New York to share experiences, advice, and passion for this city.

I’m also present on Instagram as Piero Armenti and as My Trip to New York, and on YouTube with fantastic videos where I take you around the city. Discoveries are always around the corner! Click here for videos where I show you the best of New York..

Ah, I almost forgot, there is also Tik Tok

Lastly, in April 2023, we opened an online travel agency in Italy that offers complete travel packages to New York and around the world. To request a quote, contact Travelmorbido

Quotations, interviews, and articles that talk about me

I am interviewed weekly by Italian newspapers, radio stations, and magazines to talk about the latest trends in New York. You will find me quoted in the Corriere della Sera, Vanity Fair, and on hundreds of other important blogs and websites.

Some quotes:

Some articles and interviews on important publications:

Clicking here,instead, you will find the service that RAI dedicated to me.

Entrepreneurial activities

  • My Trip to New York, the number one tour operator in the Big Apple . Thousands of tourists rely on us for tours, tickets, and unforgettable experiences.
  •, the portal to book the best hotels at the best price worldwide.
  •, the portal to book tours and services worldwide at competitive prices with Italian assistance
  •, the first SMART agency in Italy where you can conveniently book your trip from home

Editorial activities

  • In November 2019, I published my guide on New York titled My trip to New York. The most unusual and hidden places in the world’s most visited city, with the publishing house Newton Compton Editori. This text is born with the intent of making known the most secret and hidden soul of this metropolis and for months it has been at the top of the ranking of travel guides on Amazon.
  • In January 2019, I created an original audio series about the Big Apple, titled “My Journey to New York”. I recorded it on the streets of New York City. So you’ll hear the noises of the city, those sounds that make it unique in the world, and you’ll travel with your imagination. A tale aimed at those who have never been to New York but dream of going there, and those who have been but dream of living there. Clicking here you can purchase it on iTunes, or Clicking here you can listen to it streaming on Audible.
  • In 2020, I published my first novel with Mondadori titled:
  • “One night I dreamed of New York”, available on Amazon, Feltrinelli, and in all bookstores.
  • Here’s what I discuss on Radio 105 about my book: HERE

What they’re saying in the newspapers…

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